Being released into the wild!
One of my favorite things is to find something uplifting that someone else left behind just so another person might find it and smile. 

Kindness. Random? No, not in this case. 

It is a planned release into the wild. Red bracelets with a hope blessing on them are going out into the world to bring a smile and encourage whoever finds it. Maybe it will be just what they need, maybe they will know someone else who needs encouragement and they'll have the joy of passing it on. 

Each red bracelet will have a paper slip attached with a greeting and some instructions. Perhaps we will hear from some of the people who find them. Maybe they will have a message of hope to share. 

Where would you most like to find one? Leave your comment and it may help our 'bracelet rangers' as they release the bracelets. 
1/6/2012 13:45:43

While it would be great fun to find one I think I'd rather be a 'bracelet ranger'! What a great idea!

1/7/2012 04:14:09

"Random acts of Hope". Love it! Maybe not so random after all:) You are the coolest.

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