There were no open parking spaces at the bank this afternoon. I had to drive around the block. As I sat at the stop sign waiting to turn right I looked up and saw this sign. I laughed. Don't get me wrong--I love it! In the seat next to me was a large back of new Hope bracelets (yes, this does mean that the Hope Rangers have release more than 50 bracelets into the wild already! These new ones look a little different but have the same simple message:
                       may hope blossom in me
After finding still no parking slot at the bank or the street near the bank I decided to park across from the church with the sign and walk to the bank. Seeing the sign again I decided I needed to stop in and leave a bracelet. Surprise! I was met at the door by the Rector herself. I explained why I stopped in and handed her a bracelet, she put it on and invited me in for a quick chat. I shared my book, Heart Prayers with her and a little of story about myself, the writing and publishing of the book.  I am looking forward to sharing a cup of coffee and learning more about how The Church of the Ascension is fueling hope.


Oh, do share what you learn. If we can fuel Hope in our neighborhood we'll have to put all the pews back in and add a second service:)


So glad you liked our sign and stopped to visit our wonderful pastor! I've sometimes wished our verbiage changed more often as it's a "feel good" for me when I drive near, which is often.


Jackie! Thanks so much for visiting partners4hope and for your comment--you are the second person for Ascension that I have heard from--love it! I look forward to learning more about Ascension and its hopeful attitude. :)

Laurie Weckel

Wow. I'm so impressed that you felt called (fueled by hope) and that you followed that impulse (by trusting enough) to stop in. I hope and trust that it was only the first of many times to come.


Laurie, thanks! I am sure I will be back in the future. I am always interested in knowing how downtown churches are encouraging hope in members and in their neighborhoods. Thanks for your comment.

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