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I took this picture at a favorite spot where I like to stop for just a few minutes of rest. 
Sometimes I write for a few minutes in my journal. Other times I read a poem and walk for five minutes. And, there are the days when I just need to sit, hear the waves meeting the shore, and  breathe in the air. I do love the rocks and broken shells. I find a few follow me home most every visit. 

It may sound like I go there every few days, unfortunately that is not possible right now. Even so, my making time to give myself a few minutes away makes all the difference in the world.

We all need places like this...but having them isn't enough. 
Find one and then make the time to go there and be rejuvenated. 

Do you have a place? What is it? Library, beach, park, museum....where do you go when you just need to take a breath and be for a few minutes or longer?

Thank you for your comments here. Your sharing may help someone else looking for encouragement and hope. Thank you!

Lucille Clifton quote is from her poem 'blessing of boats' and can be found
in her book Quilting: Poems of 1987-1990