We are entering the time of year when even people who don't ordinarily use candles start lighting candles for dinner or holiday gatherings.

I use candles all year long. I've been known to make my own. Candles for times of prayer, special remembrances, celebrations, or just to help me rest, write or be still--no matter the reason, I find the soft steady glow of a candle to be comforting.  

"It is better to light a candle than to sit in darkness."
                                                                    -Chinese proverb

By far my favorite kind of candles are beeswax. I have bought them here and there in my travels--food co-ops, bookstores, specialty gifts, wherever I have found them --because you can't always find beeswax candles, and not just beeswax--100% beeswax. Imagine my surprise when I learned that there is a very special place right in my backyard where 100% beeswax candles are made and sold!

A friend was visiting me and we stopped in at the Fair Trade/ Eco-Friendly store on the main street in Stanwood called Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow --and not only did they have some 100% beeswax candles, but they told us all about nearby Quiet Light Candles. Several enthusiastic and informative articles have been written by the local newspapers about the Orthodox Nuns at the Convent of the Meeting of The Lord who devote themselves to prayer and use the candle making business to earn their living.

Quiet Light Candles has a wonderful shop (you can watch a slideshow on their home page) with many local artists represented. There are so many unique candle holders I had to walk around the shop about three times in order to really see what all is there! The shop is open on Saturdays and by appointment. As a first time visitor to the shop you will receive a unique gift of hospitality in the offer to pour your own tealight and have the opportunity to learn about the process of working with beeswax. Your tealight will be set and ready to take home when you are done browsing in the shop.

Besides the lovely light they provide, another gift of burning 100% beeswax candles is their health benefits. With chemicals and additives in most everything these days it is encouraging to find something simple like a candle made of real beeswax produces not only a beautiful glowing light, but also cleanses the air as it burns.

A visit to Quiet Light Candles--online or in person, is a great adventure to a place where wonderful products are made by hand with love.

Stop awhile...
rest in the 
gentle light,
remember you 
are held by the 
Light of the world....
the Light no darkness 
can ever overcome.

Start with today



It is an every day choice.