I love this. A bench that sits between the sidewalk and the street where anyone passing by is invited to sit away. To sit and enjoy a poem, a quote, or a few moments of quiet. Sure there is traffic, but even so, there is a stillness of body, mind and spirit for anyone who takes the time to stop. Stop thinking, moving, planning, talking, just stop and be still. Wouldn't be nice if there were more of this kind of space offered in our neighborhoods and cities?

It would have been a nice place this morning in the snow...but then, so was my blanket nest on the couch! I will return there another day, write a poem or leave a quote, and perhaps a hope bracelet. Hmmm.

Have you visited a poem bench or anything like it anywhere you have lived, traveled or passed through? If you have and you have a picture of it -- contact me -- I'd love to post it here with a few sentences about your experience.