Barbara, thank you for filling out a contact form and letting us know about finding a Hope bracelet! We love hearing the stories of where people find them, what they do with them, and, we especially appreciate being able to lift up the finder's hope. 

Where did you find it?
Local Branch Library, Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

What did you do with it?. 
I gave it to someone.

What hope do you want nurtured in 2012?
That God would use me to be a source of blessing and encouragement to those in my life that are struggling, either physicaly, emotionally, or spiritually.

Barbara, you are blessed to be a blessing--
may you have many more opportunities to reach out
to others who are struggling and offer them hope
in a variety of ways.

(Thank you for becoming a Hope Ranger--your bracelets will be in the mail to you 
in a few days. Have fun!)
3/23/2012 08:17:12

Thanks for passing it on, Barbara! Hope is such a gift and blessing.

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