Barbara, thank you for filling out a contact form and letting us know about finding a Hope bracelet! We love hearing the stories of where people find them, what they do with them, and, we especially appreciate being able to lift up the finder's hope. 

Where did you find it?
Local Branch Library, Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

What did you do with it?. 
I gave it to someone.

What hope do you want nurtured in 2012?
That God would use me to be a source of blessing and encouragement to those in my life that are struggling, either physicaly, emotionally, or spiritually.

Barbara, you are blessed to be a blessing--
may you have many more opportunities to reach out
to others who are struggling and offer them hope
in a variety of ways.

(Thank you for becoming a Hope Ranger--your bracelets will be in the mail to you 
in a few days. Have fun!)
The last of the current batch to be sent out to Hope Rangers are ready. Where will they go? Where will they be released? Time will tell.
Release in Reno in March!
Hope bracelet released in New Mexico (in the entrance to the labyrinth-on the left) in March.
I love and am amazed at how Rachel's Challenge has caught on and spread. It is an amazing offering of hope that came from such tragedy. If you haven't  heard of Rachel's Challenge or visited their website click here.

Here is a great article about how one little town, Enumclaw WA,  in my neck of the world responded to Rachel's Challenge.
This is an amazing story from tonight's news on King 5 in Seattle. It begins like this:A Seattle University professor will travel to Japan Wednesday, carrying a gift of art and love. Naomi Kasumi's  long, silvery, silk and paper scrolls will create a forest of solace and solitude in the city of Fukushima. Read the rest of the story here. What a gift of hope she is offering.

Hope Received!


A sweet friend sent me this amazing bead--made into a necklace--with a beautiful swirl, and H-O-P-E. It couldn't have come on a better day. It was an important afternoon to be reminded that I am not alone--not that I  had forgotten it--but even so, a letter, a word, a postcard, a call, any reminder that we don't walk through hard days alone is a good boost to the spirit. The gift is special, but her seeing this bead and thinking of me, and then doing something with the bead for me...that means even more. 

Thank you to all my dear friends and family, near and fa, r who make the effort to stay in touch through mail, e-mail, visits and calls. 

Beads of Courage


A friend sent me a newspaper article about this amazing program: Beads of Courage . I think this is a remarkable creative and tangible way of not only reaching out to children, siblings and families at a time of real need-- it also teaches them how to own and tell the story of their journey using colorful beads that mark milestones along the way. 

Please read, listen and read about Beads of Courage and visit their blog to learn some individual stories. Then pass on the link to people you know who can be helped by this information themselves--or have friends or relatives in need of it. 
And, consider donating or challenging a few friends to donate with you--perhaps in memory of someone. 

Here is a list of Hospitals that Support Beads of Courage.

The story of how it all started is also found in this article, Beads of Hope, in Ladies Home Journal